Pulstar System

1) The pulsestar is a portable ibutton reader designed for maximum durability in both indoor and outdoor applications.

2) It reports a successful ibutton scan with a vibration pulse instead of with sound, making it ideal for use when sound cannot or should not be heard.

3) Plusestar is designed for the harshest environments. It’s ideal for security rounds, inspections, preventive maintenance checks, or any time you need to track people, items, locations, and activities.

4) Plusestar has 48k of memory, enabling you to store up to 5400 touch memory button reads before downloading. When pulsestar touches a button, the touch memory button’s unique ID is stored in the reader’s memory with the day and time.

5) A complete pulsestar system includes a pulsestar reader, download station, serial port cable, pulsestar communications software, and touch memory buttons.

6) The plusestar download station provides the communications link between the pulsestar and the computer. Each download station holds two pulsestar readers and data is transferred to the PC.

7) Pulsestar reads touch memory buttons, which are small, durable metal canisters that contain a unique ID number that cannot be duplicated. You can assign the button to represent a person, a location, and item or even an action.

8) Working outdoors in the rain? Pulsestar’s cylindrical metal case is sealed against dirt and moisture. You can take it outdoors in a rainstorm, or to a dirty, dusty shop floor, without worry it will still perform indoors or outdoors, pulsestar can handle it.